The Pink Panther- A Classic Citroen DS21

The 1967 Citroen DS21 "Goddess"

Headed out to the docklands to take some shots of this classic. I got told off by security near the docks for blocking the road so didn't get any shots in front of the container ships or cranes so had to scout for some other places to shoot. One thing i learnt was that shooting multiple exposures on a DS is hard as the car slowly sinks back down on it's suspension once it loses hydraulic pressure.  So this was a bit more of a challenging shoot but i'm still happy with the way they turned out. 

Citroen DS Goddess
citroen ds

R1 vs R1 vs R1- The story of a Yamaha fan boy

I was lucky enough to have to opportunity to shoot a stable of R1's. My friend Richard is a Yamaha nutter and these are just 3 from his collection. Richard and myself have had heaps of fun battling it out on track at Phillip Island trying to best each other's PB's...and this 2015 R1 Track bike is his weapon of choice and makes my RSV4 seem super slow down the chute at P.I  What I shot on the day was his 15 Yamaha R1M, his 15 Yamaha R1 race bike (dripping with Ohlins goodness) and his 2012 R1 race bike (again dripping with Ohlins and aftermarket goodness) This guy certainly doesn't fuck around. Hope you enjoy the pics.

No Girls Allowed- A trip to the country with the lads

A few snaps from a weekend away at a mates holiday house in Golden beach, on the way back we made a detour through Gippsland to visit to Tarabolga National Park which is known for its giant mountain Ash trees. Although it was freezing and foggy it made for some interesting pictures and a really moody look.

Motocross at Krusic's Ride Park- Gippsland

Spent an awesome weekend away at a friends holiday house at Golden Beach in Gippsland. Had such a great time away from the city with mates, talking shit, drinking and the best part is that Ride Park was just 5 mins from our house. Ive been wanting to go to Krusic's for a few years now but the distance was just too far to make a day trip out of. 

i hadn't been on a MX track in 3 years (plus i suck at MX) but had a heap of fun. After my body couldn't take any more of a beating i parked up my bike and headed out to take some photos. Enjoy

Anyone wanna trade MX lessons for some photos? :P