HELP ME...i have a Track Day addiction

Hi thanks for coming this far. Im Alex and i love bikes....i'm always broke because of bikes and expensive hobbies. Please pay me so i can fund my next track day :)

From an early age i would always draw, i loved art, graphic design and things that catch my eye. I think creativity runs in the family and i come from a family of pro photographers, my father, his father, my aunty and others have all had a knack for taking great photos. 

In high school and university i did a few photography subjects with film cameras but to be honest i was pretty rubbish. The bug hadn't bit yet.  After finishing uni i worked for a few photographic studios as a retoucher and graphic designer. In 2009 i finally bought my own camera and took hold of my dads old lens and  fell in love.....combining my love of action and motorsports and photography i had found the perfect partnership.

Ive spent the past 8 years teaching myself and just like riding a bike you will never ever be good enough, there is always something new to learn and improve and i guess this is why i love making pictures.

Anyway enough about me, id love to hear from you and id love to shoot your bike, car or action sport. Anything that is exciting, fast, dangerous or just cool i want to capture for you.  

Keep on Trucking

Alex J